Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama, Schoolchildren video chat with astronauts at Space Station

The crew of astronauts of the space shuttle Discovery at the International Space Station shared some light moments with the president Barack Obama, several Congress members and several schoolchildren from Washington middle schools, from the White House, through video chat for about half an hour on Tuesday. The President congratulated the crew for standing firm against all unidentified space obstacles and for their recent work at the International Space Station.

The president seemed extraordinarily proud of the astronauts for their work & showed his desire to know as to how they installed the new solar panels & how the green power would help the ISS.

Obama said, "This is really exciting! We're investing back here on the ground a whole array of solar and other renewable energy projects and so to find out that you're doing this up at the space station is particularly exciting.” while the astronauts were relaxing after the third & final spacewalk on Monday.

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