Thursday, April 2, 2009

Interactive Video Commercials in Search Advertising

NeXplore Corporation announced the beta launch of NeXplore Ads 2.0 to enable search marketers for creating video commercials that have a blend of text, images & other rich media. The Search Advertising platform has in-built capabilities of video chatting, call scheduling, emailing & instant messaging along with the management of paid search ad campaigns.

NeXplore Ads, the complete lifecycle search advertising platform, seamlessly integrates NeXplore Search and already has around 5.5 million unique monthly visitors. is a visually engaging Web 2.0 Search Engine which is optimized for multimedia display & easy social sharing.

The platform eases its users to do a real-time video chat with a call center representative and watch a brief video commercial side by side or with one click.

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