Thursday, April 30, 2009

iPhone 3.0 to have Video Chat feature

A new Apple patent filing suggests the next iPhone may have iPhone-to-computer video chat.

According to Apple Insider, a recent filing would lead many to believe that the handset will be equipped with a front-facing video camera and software which is capable of adjusting itself in the event a user is in motion utilizing the phone.

The first patent discuses interfaces which would be used when an person is moving. The patent discusses motion based gestures which would allow an person to navigate their cell phone intuitively rather than actually looking at the device, by doing things like flicking the phone. This would be great for people on the go constantly who use the phone during driving, exercise, or while riding a bike or walking.

Changing your music, or making a phone call could be done safely, causing little to no distraction. When attempting to use an iPhone while out for a run, or traveling between events it can sometimes be difficult to toggle between making a call and changing music tracks, it also causes a great diversion from the task at hand. An onscreen or bezel button would aid in the elimination of unintentional commands during every day and normal use.

An additional platform shows a motion detecting function which resizes the interface and additionally the icons when it senses that an person is either jogging, or walking, the interface then resizes buttons and fonts to make reading and selection simpler.

"For example, if the user wishes to view the contact information for 'John Adams,' the user touches the display over the area of the row for the contact 'John Adams,'" Apple says. "While the device is moving, the motion of the device can be detected. The device can change the size of the rows of the contacts in the contact list application to give the user a larger target area for each contact. For example, the height of a row can be increased. This gives the user a larger touch area with which to select a contact. In some implementations, the height of the toolbar can be increased as well."

A before an after image from Apple's new patent shows how the interface will enlarge text for easier reading and navigation when the user is in motion(Source: Apple Insider)

The icons will also be enlarged, allowing the user to be able to click them more easily.(Source: Apple Insider)

A patent for a front facing video camera is also depicted in the iPhone drawings. This would lead one to believe that video conferencing would potentially be adopted. The new camera would allow game developers to create new games that allow for interaction via video among users.

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