Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trillian 3.1.12

Trillian messenging client, from Cerulean Studios, is used to manage your messenging, and more with a single touch. Trillian has long been regarded a leader in multi-network chat and has captured a large number of users with every incarnation, even with Alpha & Beta builds.

With Trillian users can use a single client to monitor all chat networks of Yahoo, MSN, AIM & ICQ apart from audio & video chatting, contact list and a detailed chatting history. The history of video chat is however not supported.

Trillian 3 is available in Standard (free) and Pro ($25) versions. The major difference between the two is of the video chat. The newest iteration of Trillian (version 4, also called Astra) is currently in Beta, and will not only be released for Windows-based PCs, but also for iPhone and MacOS! It is expected to support even more features in the basic version than Trillian 3. One of the other important features of Astra is the inclusion of Facebook, MySpaceIM and Twitter functionality, bringing social networking to the venerable chat suite's offered package.

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