Monday, April 20, 2009

Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSi has been launched in the US earlier this month and is being called the 'lifestyle' device that goes beyond just gaming and recent commercials have featured female celebrities like Beyonce Knowles & Lisa Kudrow. The DSi comes in a flip-case with 2 screens - the lower one being the touch screen & can be manipulated with the help of a stylus or user's finger. The size of the luminous screens has been increased by Nintendo after eliminating the slot for Nintendo Advanced Games.

There are over 850 games to choose from and the prominent being the Pokemons, Mario, Auto Thieves, etc. Users can also download games directly to the console with DSiWare & surf the internet with a wireless connection. It also has a camera but the DSi still lacks the feature of clicking & sending pictures through email & video chat.

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